Reputable Poetry Competitions and Other Ways for Poets to Make Money (literary journals, greeting cards, and legitimate poetry contests)

Reputable Poetry Competitions and a list of more paying markets for poetry can be obtained from Writer’s Relief.

There are numerous opportunities to make money with your poetry knowing where you can look! Writer’s Relief will reveal where you should submit your poetry if you’d like to receive money: reputable poetry competitions and contests with cash prizes, literary journals, greeting card companies, and more targeted poetry markets.

Reputable poetry contests

This two-minute YouTube video offers some great tips, leads, and methods to make some extra cash from poetry competitions. Should you write strong poems, and know where to submit, you possibly can make some cash. We realize that poetry and money aren’t exactly synonymous. So we know-it’s unlikely that you’ll get rich by submitting your poems for publication.

Regardless of that, the method can be extremely rewarding. When you enhance your poetry publishing credits, you construct your reputation being a poet. Having individual poems published (via legitimate competitions, anthologies, or literary journals) puts you in the best position to locate a paying publisher to get a variety of your work. Most writers need to “pay their dues” with individual publications before publishing a book-length collection or chapbook.

Reputable poetry contests

But that doesn’t mean you can’t come up with a little cash, by submitting your poetry to reputable contests, literary journals, and much more. Writer’s Relief will help. Writer’s Relief knows the most effective markets for your poems.

Since 1994, the dedicated staff at Writer’s Relief continues to be helping creative writers in every genres (poetry, short stories, creative nonfiction, novels, and nonfiction books) submit the work they do for publication in legitimate markets. Many of their potential customers have observed small payments for poems from literary journals or anthologies. Writer’s Relief helps writers prepare and format their work for publication, chances are they investigate best-suited markets to get a given number of poems. They also help writers query agents for book projects.

Writer’s Relief has a deliberately specialized client list-writers are accepted by invitation only. Writer’s Relief tasks are according to set rates; they do not take commission. Get the poetry published!

Even though you’re unable to be a client currently, be sure to check out their regularly updated listings of writing and reputable poetry competitions, many of which are free to enter. The Writer’s Relief website offers many tips, leads, and methods for poets along with other creative writers.

It’s not easy to produce a living like a poet, but hopefully you’ll enjoy this fun video about submitting poetry for money-it’s a fantastic resource that individuals hope you’ll share with your writer friends. Happy writing! Feel free to send Writer’s Relief information about other reputable poetry competitions to include in their list.


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